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Football tryouts

Start a distinguished football career at a European club

Football selections for the best clubs in Europe

An outstanding football career can begin immediately after your participation in the selection. Take a step towards what you want and sign a contract with a professional football club!

How to prepare for the football selection: 6 steps

01 06
01 Screening the level of training and professional skill of a football player

Testing according to FC Major League standards

Assessment of indicators of physical abilities and technical training of the athlete

Personalized selection of programs and development of training microcycles that take into account the results of the screening

02 Improving the level of practical skills

Improving the tactics and techniques of playing a football player

Development of agility, coordination and flexibility of a football player without using a ball

The combined type of training is based on the symbiosis of all their types, using special equipment

03 Individual training

An individualized format for the lesson in order to identify and improve the weaknesses of the player’s skill and emphasize the strengths

A personalized selection of exercises that will allow you to develop special skills for successfully passing the football selection in the shortest possible time

04 Group classes

A group format for practicing individual tactical actions and movements during an attack and defense.

Improving group tactics in defense and attack.

Improved personal player positioning through the development of special skills

05 The big game theory and the rise of football IQ

The theoretical basis of the game of football.

The specifics of the rules of the game and practical tricks for their beneficial interpretation.

Tactics for movements of certain positions.

Expanding the arsenal of skills for ball handling and receiving.

06 Matches and weekly recovery program for football players.

Training matches with individual analysis and detailed analysis of the game for each player.

Selection of recovery procedures and a balanced diet.

Relax Program by the sea that includes sauna visits and rehabilitation

Our advantages

Why you should choose 433agency

  • High quality

    Personal mini-groups according to the German system of training Increasing developmental effectiveness by 4-7 times.

  • Great experience

    More than 7 years of successful
    work in the German football market. Deep understanding of its needs and requirements.

  • Impeccable company image

    433agency in Germany is already a brand. If a player has passed our training, then they are a priority for the coaches of each football club already.

  • Well-established communications

    Collaboration with more than 70 football clubs in Germany.

  • Official status

    433agency is registered with the Ministry of Sports. All of our coaches are top-level pros, licensed by UEFA.

  • Global scale

    Every year, more than 150 football players from 20 countries pass
    tryouts with us and successfully qualify for the most famous football clubs in Europe.

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How to become a member
of the football selection?

  • 01
    Fill out your soccer player profile

    The completed questionnaires will be considered by the head coach of the
    433agency. If the coaching staff opted for your candidacy, you will receive an
    invitation to 433agency Camp-2022.

  • 02
    If you were invited to become a member of 433agency

    Make a prepayment and reserve a place at the tryouts! Do not put off this
    important point! Consider that we work closely with scouts and agent networks that
    can quickly take your place if you do not have time to book it!

  • 03
    At the end of tryouts, you will have acquired:

    In-depth knowledge of game tactics, identifying and strengthening your weaknesses, new skills and opportunities to improve your skills. These skills will allow you to easily and confidently enter the world of professional football and sign a profitable contract with the desired European FC.



Special offers of the camp


Duration 1 month

2345 €
1690 €
  • 40 group trainings by the German system

  • Accommodation at the base for 2 and 4 people

  • 2-times meals per a day (Mo-Fr)

  • Professional training microcycle and natural grass pitches

  • Friendly games against 4 professional football clubs from Germany

  • UEFA-licensed coaches

Make prepayment only

1345 € 690 €
spots at this price left


Duration 2 months

4490 €
3190 €
  • More than 80 trainings by the German system

  • Accommodation at the base for 2 and 4 people

  • 2-times meals per a day (Mo-Fr)

  • Professional training microcycle and natural grass pitches

  • Friendly games against 8 professional football clubs from Germany

  • UEFA-licensed coaches

  • Guaranteed chance to direct tryouts in German football clubs

  • Football career planning with our head agent

Make prepayment only

2490 € 1190 €

spots at this price left


Duration 5 months

8100 €
6990 €
  • More than 200 trainings by the German system

  • Accommodation at the base for 2 and 4 people

  • 2-times meals per a day (Mo-Fr)

  • Professional training microcycle and natural grass pitches

  • Friendly games against 16 professional football clubs from Germany

  • UEFA-licensed coaches

  • Guaranteed chance for tryouts in German football clubs

  • Football career planning with our head agent

  • Creation of your personal football CV

  • Adding your CV to our network of 671 clubs and scouts

Make prepayment only

3100 € 1990 €

spots at this price lefts


What guarantees do we provide?

  • Personal training with professionals licensed by UEFA.

  • Organization of 4 qualifying matches for you personally.

  • Comfortable living and balanced individually selected food.

  • Planning your football career
    and future development as a professional athlete.

  • The ability to sign a contract
    with our football agency to promote you to other football clubs in the future.


Our footballers love us

Bernardo Ortega

Age: 18. Nationality: Spain

“The staff at the German tryouts from 433 Agency were excellent, very likable, and friendly. They took good care of us and made sure we were safe around the difficult circumstances surrounding COVID. They made my time at the trials really enjoyable!”

Frederic Soma

Age: 23. Nationality: USA

“I found a club! I am a 23-year-old footballer from Jamaica via the USA. I made the decision I wanted to become a professional soccer player and got in touch with 433 Agency. I was then contacted by Dmitrii, one of the agents at the company, which aims to partner players, clubs, and agents together for a mutually beneficial relationship.Now I am on trials at a club in Lithuania and I am ecstatic about it! Thanks to Dmitry and Julie from 433 agency!”

Kenzie Burneby

Age: 19. Nationality: German

“Hey guys, my name is Kenzie, and participating in the trials was an amazing experience for me as a footballer. I improved my skills greatly, the coaches were awesome, I was taught a great number of things and we were all one big family at the camp. It was an honor for me to play and train under professional, UEFA licensed coaches. I recommend the 433 Trials to whoever wants to take their game to the next level and hone their tactical and technical expertise to sign a PRO contract.”

JP Muñoz

Age: 17. Nationality: USA

“I came to the 433 Trial in Germany from the U.S. and at first I didn’t see the full potential of the camp. The training challenged me immediately and the accommodations weren’t as great as I thought they would be. But after three weeks at the showcase, I got a chance for tryouts with a club, which was the precise reason I came to the trials! I’m currently training with a club from the Oberliga and I am very satisfied. Highly recommend 433 Agency for aspiring ballers!”

Mattias Hulsbosch

Age: 18. Nationality: Netherland

“I would highly recommend the trials run by 433 Agency. After spending a month with coaches I started to feel more confident in my skills and abilities. This camp allowed me to grow and test my skills against other good players. I’m really happy to have signed my first contract. Many thanks to Vladimir who organized direct tryouts at multiple German clubs.”

Calvin Lee

Age: 22 Nationality: New Zealand

“After tearing my knee playing while playing in China I decided to go to Germany for the 2019 season to test myself in Europe. 433 Agency quickly put a plan together for me and helped me sign my professional contract with Rathenow. I will never forget being on the same team as guys who have played in front of 60,000 people and represented their national teams. So for helping me get there, thank you 433 Agency.”

Deyan Koschevsky

Age: 20. Nationality: USA

"I was able to attend the Football Academy in Germany. The coaches, staff, and players demonstrated nothing but professionalism in the sport, showing quality support and attention to detail towards all players who attended the prospect camp, along with a desire to help them tap into their true potential in soccer. I would definitely recommend checking this program out."

Victor Lambeets

Age: 20. Nationality: Belgium

“As a player, I can say that I am very happy with my 5 months spent at the German Football Academy. I have learned a lot and I owe that to coach Rudiger. I also learned a lot from the players here. I will never regret my decision to come to the German Football Academy. It was an incredible experience. I highly recommend this academy to anyone wanting to improve their game.”

Endy Zebie

Age: 21. Nationality: Canada

"I was recovering for a long time after a serious injury and had been lacking in real game experience for the past 7 months. Therefore I chose to attend the German Football Academy for 3 months. It got me in top-tier shape. I’m extremely grateful to Alberto, the goalkeeper coach, who restored my confidence in myself. At the Academy we had a lot of matches, 12 or 13 in total, I think. A lot of football players signed contracts this winter and I am grateful to God that I was one of them. I am pleased to represent my new club."

Oktay Leyla

Age: 22. Nationality: Turkey

"I played on an amateur level before in Turkey and Germany, but I didn’t have an agent or manager who could find a club for me. I was looking for an opportunity to showcase my talent, so I went to the 433 Trials in January 2020. After the second friendly match with FC Memmingen of the 4th division in Germany, I was noticed by a scout- Justin Marten, who invited me to practice with the team. A week later, I signed a contract, that's pretty much it. I’m very thankful for this opportunity!”

Edward Tissot

Age: 18. Nationality: Canada

“Thank you for believing in me and giving me a chance to get out onto the pitch and prove myself. Since childhood, I’ve dreamed of a career as a professional football player and believed that this would happen. Thanks to all the coaches, agents, and scouts who helped make my dreams come true and get signed!”

01 11


433 trial is a unique chance to GET SCOUTED, secure professional representation by registered intermediary or earn a chance to GET A PROFESSIONAL CONTRACT WITH A CLUB

On the trial you are going to live, breathe and eat football.


What are the 433 Trials all about?
The 433 Trials are a set of unique events organized exclusively by the 433 Football Agency, in which a select group of talented athletes practice and compete in organized football matches against professional and semi-professional clubs in front of a multitude of experts, as well as the public. The aim is to showcase the assets the players possess, as well as evaluate their skills while providing them with the opportunity to be signed to a professional contract or to secure a spot on a club’s academy team.
What’s the concept behind the 433 Trials?
At 433 Agency, we have different kinds of concepts behind our trials, depending on the specific market. For example, the German Football Trials is an event that is typically between 1-3 months in length, in which we host a maximum of 18 players at a full board organized camp. Our main goal is to prepare footballers physically and develop them to their full potential to showcase their talents for professional scouts and clubs.
How do the 433 Trials benefit me?
433 Trials essentially provide you with the chance to showcase your football capabilities and skills to important decision-makers in the sport like coaches, scouts, agents, and teams. At the trials, you’ll get assessed by UEFA licensed coaches as well as get the incredible opportunity to display your talent to club management. You’re going to get the shot to MAKE IT BIG, sign a contract, call a professional club your home or secure a spot at a club's academy, if you have what it takes.
How does the cost of 433 Trials cover ? 
This all depends on the specific 433 Trial that you choose. We have the 1 month and the 2-month trials, as well as our German Football Academy(which is 3 months of outstanding football). 433 Agency provides athletes with 2 meals per day(excluding weekends), transport to and from the train station on arrival and departure, 80 sophisticated practice sessions(usually 2 per day), 12 games against PRO and SEMI-PRO clubs, training equipment as well as a gameday kit, laundry services, daily strategy meetings with the coaching staff, individual assessment and talks as well as a full-fledged evaluation at the end of the trial.
The plane ticket and visa costs are NOT included and are always in the domain of the player. It is also obligatory for the player to have a medical insurance covered for the time of the event.
Is 433 Agency a legitimate company? Who am I paying to?
We’re 100% legit. We understand your concerns, there are tons of scammers out there. We’d like to mention two important things here: 433 AGENT LLC is registered in the United States AND Germany (EU); you can check online and if you’re still not convinced you can ask one of our managers to send you our verified credentials. Also, you could just google 433 Agency and see our work for yourself.   We’ve got a bunch of videos on Instagram, as well as plenty of articles by our staff and founders online and in sports magazines from all over the world. Listen, we’re the real deal and we’re here to help you reach your full potential. Staying up to date with things is pretty easy these days! We encourage you to hit us up on whichever platform is more comfortable for you and we’ll help your professional football journey begin! 

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